At Don Bosco Primary School, we strongly believe in the Gospel Values. This page introduces an introduction into how we celebrate our Faith, connect to Prayer and support others through Social Justice. It also outlines our Religious Education Program and the Sacramental Programs.


Don Bosco Primary School is one of three schools that belong to Our Lady Help of Christians Parish Community. We strive to develop students who are faith filled and community minded. As a school we believe that faith development is an ongoing journey and one which is richly connected to all curriculum areas. The family is central to all learning with parents being the primary educators of their children. Therefore strong family/school and parish links are encouraged.

Religious Education

Religious Education is a daily part of the timetable in each grade. At Don Bosco Primary School we seek to support our students to grow in the personal relationship with Jesus. The curriculum content is based on the Sale Diocesan Guidelines for Religious Education, ‘Journeying together in Faith’.  Students from Prep - 6 engage in a sequential, outcomes based program based around the seven strands; God, Jesus Christ, Christian Prayer, Sacraments, Church, Christian Life, Scripture and Religion and Society. The curriculum draws from Scripture, Liturgy and Sacraments and Tradition, as well as focusing on making real and influential connections to the lives of the people around us.  

Prayer and Liturgies

Students engage in a range of both formal and informal prayer experiences. All classes begin the day with morning prayer, which the students are encouraged to lead. On particular occasions the whole school community attends Mass at Our Lady Help of Christians Church, as well as individual classes/units attend parish Mass on a termly basis. Parents are most welcome to attend all school Masses/Liturgies. Masses are celebrated at school encouraging children to take an active role in liturgical celebration.

Social Justice

We are committed to promoting socially just behaviours and outreach, and we undertake a range of student driven initiatives each term. School leaders and the Social Justice Team organise fundraisers and guest speakers and actively advocate on issues of injustice.

Sacramental Program

The Don Bosco Primary School Sacramental Program, in line with Diocesan policy, is Family centred, Parish based and School supported. Whilst the Sacramental Program is part of the Prep to Year Six curriculum, specific emphasis is given in Year Three to Reconciliation, Year Four to First Eucharist and Years Five and Six to Confirmation. Class programs also work in closely with the seasons of the Church and special Feast days.