Principal’s Message


I warmly welcome you to Don Bosco Catholic Primary School where the messages from the Gospel are alive in our everyday words and actions. We are committed to child safety and in doing so, we take pride in the fact that each persons' faith is valued and every member of our community is known and respected.  

We walk alongside families in our mission to deliver the highest quality educational opportunities and outcomes for each student; learning is delivered to students at their point of need. 

We take a modern approach to teaching Catholic education, where each member of the school community is invited to engage in meaningful dialogue, open to hearing and being inclusive of the faith and life experiences of each other. 

Our school staff work together to improve opportunities for student voice, and take this into consideration in our planning for the provision of optimal learning opportunities. Reimagining learning, we make deliberate choices in our school improvement efforts to build teacher knowledge and understanding of collaborative learning environments.  We uphold professional relationships with our students and their families. By designing learning where students are encouraged to engage, enquire, question and create; we aspire to build a community of learners who actively contribute to the society in which they live and play; now and in the future.

Treasa Gallagher